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Green Living

You want to change the world?

Of course you do.

But where do you begin?

Here are just a few:

  • Avoid landfills : recycle stuff you no longer need
  • Go unshopping: list ten things you’ll never buy again
  • Do something about poverty : organize a ‘ Dinner for life ’
  • Reducing the use of air conditioner by one hour, you are able to save 90W of electricity and prevent 572.4g of CO2 emission.
  • Cutting down TV watching for one hour saves 140W of electricity and 89g of CO2 emission.
  • Try vegetarianism






1. Adapted from 365 Ways to Change the World by Michael Norton.


We should be the custodian of planet Earth and not the “terminator”. Just like us, our future generations deserve a safe and healthy Mother Earth.

~ Jing Si Alphorism