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Selling Your Books

We are taking in second-hand books based on the conditions and the edition as well as the market value of the particular title / book types,price range from  few cents to a dollar.You may bring down the books to our outlet at #01-07, BLK 231, Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex , Singapore 180231.Our colleague will go through the books in person to decide whether we trade in the books.Please be informed that we do not trade in the books at our book fair.

You may also take a photo of your books or send us the booklist before you come down to our shop to see if  we can roughly advise you on the titles we are keen to.

No matter how, we encourage you to give your unwanted books a second chance by donating or give away to charity organizations or library. We hope that more books are circulated in the society, encouraging people to spend time in gaining knowledge :)

Carbon offsets

Books are the source of knowledge. The existence of second-hand books serves as a reminder that regardless of the condition of new or old books, it does not alter the contents. We save used books from landfills. One more second-hand book purchased means we throw away one less book. Moreover, buying less new books reduces the chopping down of trees, saving our precious forests in the process.

Where the books come from?

We stressed on recycle of unwanted books. We buy our books from recycle center, charity association, garage sale and public.

Our book fair

We organize frequent book fairs at various places around Singapore.Kindly refer to the event page for our updated book fair location.

Do you take e-mail/ phone orders?

Yes. You can fill in the contact form to request the titles you wish to order. If you want to cancel your order, kindly notify us via email.

However it should be noted that customers are required to collect the books within 2 weeks after received the book reservation confirmation from our colleagues.

When will I receive my book?

We do not provide delivery service. You may collect the books at our book fair or retail.

What if the book I ordered is out of stock?

Please be reminded that stocks are very limited and subject to availability.We will notify you again when we find the book(s).

Payment Methods

We only accept cash payment.

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