Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

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Evernew cares. We believe that our business can make a difference socially, economically and environmentally. Through our activities, we hope that we can inspire people to lend their hand in supporting nature and our global community. Together, as a collective mind with a shared purpose, we can introduce changes for a better future.


Keep books alive  与书共舞,回流社会
To encourage the recycling of books and making them available to everyone at affordable prices.

Reduce and recycle natural resources  延续物命
To raise awareness on how we can better utilize our natural resources without causing harm to earth. For a start, we advocate reading second-hand books to save trees.

Protect the environment through education  疼惜大地
To promote environmental literacy by sharing information on how we can all help to protect our environment.

Effect the change from within  共创美好未来
To effect the changes we would like to see in the world, we would first need to change ourselves through education, reflection and actualization.

Collaborate to create a better world  改变世界的力量
To collaborate with other individuals, corporations or non-profit organizations so that we can co-create projects that can benefit society.