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About Us

1988年,永新书局老板 – 梁祥兴开始了自己的书局生意。


过后看见了生意的商机,“租书”模式全面改为销售 – 梁祥兴开始寻觅旧书 / 二手书的来源,然后转售。当时销售的书本中、英都有,梁祥兴脑子中想的就是“天秤”概念:只要政府教育注重哪一个语言,市场的需求就犹如天秤一样,会往那个方向倾斜。唯有这样,此行业才能跟着市场需求的步伐来生存。

从一开始的“租书”生意,到今天的“二手书买卖,中间总总波折挑战,梁祥兴凭着自己对爱惜书本的那份心,让自己一手创建的二手书买卖生存了近二十五年。人生路上的不同学习,让今日的梁祥兴觉得:生意不应该再单纯只为“金钱利益”而生存。个人的安乐其实也受整个周遭大环境的影响 – 若地球生病了,我们也无法安居。

书本,是知识的泉源。二手书的存在,提醒着大家:外在的新、旧,不会定夺内在的内容。多买一本二手书,少买一本新书 :少了一本本被丢弃的知识,少了一棵棵树木的砍伐,拯救了一片片树林。希望书本多回流社会,甚至让这些销售换来的钱财送到社会弱势的群体的手上。

做到为社会的教育,做到为环境的身体力行  –  这,就是永新书局经营二十五年后的转捩点。


In the year 1988, Mr. Neo Siong Heng established the Evernew Book Store. It started out providing book rental services for a few dollars per book. To and fro, changing hands between customers, the profit managed to sustain Mr. Neo’s small business.

As time went by, Mr. Neo discovered a different prospect in selling books, instead of only renting them, he began to source for used and second-hand books to resell. He included both English and Chinese reading materials, because he had this “weighing balance” concept in mind. Whenever Singapore National Education emphasizes on either language, the market demand for books would tip towards that particular language. Only this way, he can ensure his business survives the ups and downs of market demand.

From the infancy days of his book rental services, up until his successful second-hand book business, it was Mr. Neo’s love for books that propelled him through all the challenges he faced these 25 years. Through these obstacles, he learned that business should not be something just for pecuniary interest. He discovered that the quality of our lives depend heavily on the environment we are in, so if Mother Earth is sick, we cannot live in peace and harmony as well.

Books are indeed the source of knowledge. The existence of second-hand books serves as a reminder that regardless of the condition of new or old books, it does not alter the contents. One more second-hand book purchased means we throw away one less book. Moreover, buying less new books sees less tress being chopped down, saving precious forests in the process. We hope that more books are circulated in the society, encouraging people to spend their time gaining knowledge instead of wasting time elsewhere. We also hope that the profit earned from these book sales can be donated to the underprivileged, giving back to the society.

After 25 years, Evernew Book Store hopes to change to a new business direction, which is to educate the society, while actively protecting the environment.